8 plus free Blood Sugar Chart

Using the Blood Sugar Chart

For the diabetes patient, it is quite important to do regular testing on their blood sugar using a blood sugar chart. Blood sugar or glucose refers to the sugar which is transported to the bloodstream to supply the energy to all of the body cells. The sugar in our body comes from the food that we eat. The glucose then becomes the body’s main source of energy. Then, the body cells will use glucose with help from insulin.

When the glucose level in the blood rises, the pancreas will produce insulin then releases them into the blood. If recently you got tested for blood sugar levels, then you can use the blood sugar chart to control your blood sugar. The success of diabetes treatment depends on how well you can control your blood sugar levels. The blood sugar chart for diabetics will show you three categories such as normal, early diabetes, and established diabetes. The ranges on the blood sugar chart include the minimum value, maximum value, and value two hours after consuming glucose.

Things You Need to Know about the Blood Sugar Chart

Having a high sugar level can lead you to various health problems such as kidney disease, heart disease, and blindness. The best way to control glucose in the blood is by using a blood sugar chart and test. By doing the test and using the chart, you will be able to avoid those health problems. The blood sugar chart template is used to find out the blood sugar level and whether the person has diabetes or not. The normal chart outlines the normal blood sugar or glucose which ranges for a diabetic and non-diabetic person.

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While using the chart, you may find out that the level drops and rises during the day. That condition is completely normal. However, if you find out that the blood sugar level drops and rises dramatically, you need to take some precautions. Before you test your blood sugar using the chart, it is highly recommended for you to know what each blood sugar test type does.

Blood Sugar Test

There are four tests which you need to know first before you use the blood sugar chart.

  1. Fasting blood sugar

To check for diabetes and prediabetes.

  1. Two-hour postprandial blood sugar

To show whether the person takes the right amount of insulin or not.

  1. Random blood sugar

To measure glucose.

  1. Glucose tolerance test

Taken after the person consumes sweet drinks or during the pregnancy.

Blood Sugar Charts