7 free Letter Of Transmittal (Template & Example)

The Letter of Transmittal

Are you familiar with the letter of transmittal? If you do not, then you have come to the right place. The letter of transmittal is a kind of document which comes with another large and significant document. This letter of transmittal is usually attached to explain the purpose of the letter. To put it simply, the letter is used to give the recipient a particular context in which the document is to be placed or used.

Not only that but this letter is also used to serve as a documentation for the sender that something was sent and received. Usually, a letter of transmittal example is very short. The first paragraph will contain a description and the purpose of the document which is attached.

There is also a longer version of the letter which contains the important elements of the other documents. People can also write other information for the recipient. At the end of the letter, there will be a short paragraph which will establish the goodwill such as giving a compliment or a statement of gratitude to the recipient.

The Use of the Letter of Transmittal

The letter of transmittal is used to explain or clarify the requirements or instructions of the document or item which are attached to the letter. The letter is also used to accompany some contracts or drafts of documents which are sent over for review or approval.

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The letter is also used to accompany some important documents and provide an explanation of the document, why the recipient should read it and what the recipient should do with the document. Then, the letter is also used to give the opportunity to remind the recipient of the document’s title and also to emphasize the points of interest of the document. Lastly, the letter also contains some confidential or sensitive information which is related to the other document.

The Components of the Letter of Transmittal Template

There are seven components in the letter of transmittal:
  1. The heading

This contains your full address.

  1. The date

This contains the date you had written your letter.

  1. The recipient’s address

This contains the full address of the recipient.

  1. Salutation

This contains a short greeting or introduction for the recipient.

  1. The body of the letter

This contains the purpose, the facts, the request, and your contact information.

  1. The conclusion

This contains the final word of the document.

  1. Notations

This contains important notes.


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