25 Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Multiple Project Tracking

When you are in team management, you may have some projects ongoing at the same time. Sometimes, it seems impossible to have them done in a short time period. However, it should not be a big deal due to the free templates from Excel for the multiple project tracking. By using those multiple project tracking template excel, it is easier to add multiple tasks as well as track the progress. Interestingly, the templates are developed with simple navigations and the Gantt chart to access the overlapped task.

Well, for all the templates available, there are 5 of them considered the best ones. What are they? Here is the list.

Excel Gantt Chart Template

One of the free templates for the multiple project tracking is Excel Gantt Chart Template. To manage all the projects, there are some steps to do firstly. They are opening the template, adding the details of basic projects, adding the tasks, and tracking the progress.

The basic project details accommodated by this template are including the name of the company, date, a board of managerial, and more. Meanwhile, you can also categorize the task based on many factors. Some elements that are possible to be added are the prospects and completion.

Sure, this template offers you some good and unique features. One of them is the Gantt chart itself that helps you to see the visual representation from your progress with colorful codes. The chart and graphic can be updated automatically based on the completion percentage of your task.

Project Tracking Template

Project tracking template is another free template to manage your multiple projects. There is multiple project tracking examples that are at the best to use this template. One of them is when you manage a service company with many clients, consultants, and more.

By using it, you can just open the template, add the services and details of the clients, and add the tasks Sub-tasks are possible also to be added as well as tracking the progress more easily. For each of the task, there are features of status, priority dates, description, due date, and more. The completion percentage can be set up.

Another important feature from the Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel is the cost and time trackers. It is much simpler for you to save the notes of the fixed cost, actual hours, estimated hours, and billed hours.

Well, sometimes, reading the chart and graphic is not as easy as it seems. So, what should you do? You can still read it by entering the reader mode anyway. Besides, the timeline is available with different phases of the projects to enable you to see the progress slightly.

Project Task List

The next template for project management is namely Project Task List. The template is compatible with any type of projects starting from the simple to the complicated ones and from the single to multiple. It enables you to manage some projects at once even if the tasks required are completely different.

In each task, you can add some parameters like the description, dates, completion percentage, and many more. Do you find your projects are not completed well as what have been expected? You should not worry; track the problems using the features available here also.

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How to use it? It is really easy. You must open the Excel template and submit the name of the projects. Continue the process by adding the data. Interestingly, Project Task List is also equipped by the Gantt chart. The chart helps you to track the overlapped tasks as well as the progress of the task. The chart is with the colored codes that are stacked and continuously changed based on the tasks’ progress.

Project Planner

Project Planner one of the templates featured the Gantt chart. Interestingly, aside from the complete features, the navigation is considered simple so that it is highly recommended for the beginners. The main purpose of using this template is commonly to add and manage the projects more easily. Meanwhile, the tracking activities tend to be easier also.

In the beginning, the way to use the template is similar to the other templates mentioned above. Open the Excel sheet through Project Planner; add the project name, company name, prospect, start date, and deadline. Then, continue it by adding the related data including the initial plan and description.

With the feature for the initial plan submission, it is possible for you to see if the project is strayed from the initial plan. Then, you can immediately make a decision whether it should be back to the first plan or continue it to the new one.

As it has been mentioned above, Project Planner is also equipped by the Gantt chart. It helps you to track the progress of the projects alongside with the related tasks whether they have done smoothly or not. The updates of the chart can also be done manually as well as you can also change the layout.

Project Schedule Template

For the beginners, Project Schedule Template is highly recommended due to some cool features. Tools and navigations are easy to operate. Besides, you can also more easily read the charts or graphics available in it.

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The other unique feature is regarding the timeline to see the project. They are equipped with the colored codes that can be automatically changes based on the progress of the projects. Interestingly, it is possible for you to change the colors manually if there are significant projects based on your perspectives. The colors can be set up based on your necessities.

Meanwhile, the template also offers weekly and monthly schedules with different phases in a project. The tasks are simply added to the timeline and schedule manually. In general, the chart and graphic presented here are not the Gantt chart. However, it has the same functions with Gantt chart. Even the users call it the simplification of Gantt chart.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Multiple Project Tracking

Multiple Project Tracking

Download Multiple Project Tracking 01 Here

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

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Multiple Project Tracking Template Xls

Multiple Project Tracking Template Xls

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Multiple Project Tracking Excel

Multiple Project Tracking

Multiple Project Tracking Excel

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Project Tracking Template Excel Free Download


Project Tracking Template Excel Free Download

Project Tracking Template Excel Free Download

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Managing the Multiple Projects Tracking and track them is not something easy. It is necessary for sure if, in your works, the templates of multiple project tracking are used. So, just pick one of the templates out and download for seeing your projects’ progress.