50 Free Order Form Template

Tips to Make an Incredible Order Form Template No One Ever Told You

The order form template is available everywhere on the internet and as a business owner, that template could be something you need right now. Other than that, your clients may request it from you as well. However, the different business types will require different order form as well. The structure of an order form depends on what your clients want from you. In this article, we are going to show you what you need to know when it comes to making an order form.


An order form template will help you to fill out anything the clients need to fill out. However, this form is basically a paper that consists of orders from your customers or clients. Other than that, the form can be filled by the organization that asks you to be their designer or something like that. Some people also refer to this form as an invoice or statement paper. As we have mentioned earlier, the work order appears different from one to another business field.

Necessary elements for the forms

Order Form Template

Order Form Template

When it comes to the order form template, there are several aspects you need to state on the documents. Of course, those elements are able to be customized according to your needs.

The first thing that should not be missed from the form is the logo and name of your company. Do not forget to put the billing address of the company that orders your service or product followed with the name of your customer. Even if you have downloaded the order form template excel, you need to make sure that you have written the service you will give or have given to finish the task ordered by your client.

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Other than that, you should put the work order number so both you and your client could identify the specific job and task. At some points, you need to include the tax rate but you may need to consult a state and local tax law after all. The end section will be closed with the total amount of money along with discounts and any type of charges related to the service you will give. You can use an order form template printable but you can always adjust it.


Basically, the form is used for highlighting any necessary information and you better make it as complete as possible. If making it on your own needs a huge effort then you can just download an order form template from the internet after all.

Order Form Template