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Anything You Need to Know about Pert Charts

Are you looking for a PERT chart? Then you are reading the right article because today we are going to provide you with PERT charts template and information related to it. Some people might not know what this type of charts is about. Now let’s have a look.

About a PERT chart

A PERT chart is a schematic of a schedule’s project. The acronym of PERT actually stands for program/project evaluation review technique. It includes for every inevitable change that may occur in the project’s schedule.

In the beginning, in the 1950s the Navy developed this technique. The Navy used it for the submarine project of Polaris. Today, this type of charts is used by various industries frequently. A template of PERT chart is very helpful for planning and implementing projects.

Types of PERT Chart Templates

A PERT chart describes the schedule of a project in the format of illustration. It presents the task’s sequence in an organized way. It shows which task you need to do together and which one you need to finish before the set deadline.

In here, we provide you not only Gant chart templates but also PERT charts that are completely free! You can download one or two templates if you feel like you don’t have time to create one from scratch. This is an essential chart and you will be able to use various types for different projects. You can use this template for:

  • Project calculations
  • Planning, monitoring, and controlling
  • Program evaluation and review
  • Project schedule
  • Project planning

You can also apply the chart as a tool of statistical in order to help your management project smoother and easier. You should use it to schedule, coordinate, and organize your tasks you need to do. After that, your employees can follow the chart. Your employees can do the task and finish it before the deadline.

The Advantages of Using a Template of PERT chart

When you arrange all projects, it can quite hectic and stressful. It can also make you feel depressed and overwhelmed. This is actually true if you don’t have the right tools to create the process easier. The good news is by using diagram template of PERT, you are able to give ease to yourself in finishing the project. Since the NAVY used this chart for the first time, many industries have been following the footsteps. It can help make the management project more efficient and easier. Here are the advantages of the templates:

  • The versatility helps a lot

You can use the template in many various ways. By far, the most effective way to apply the diagram template of PERT is to map out your every project you have. After that, you can visualize it from the beginning until the end.

It will help you analyze any problems that you need to solve and manage. It can also save your much time and effort during the process. You can plan everything beforehand instead of just waiting for the problems to come up.

A PERT chart is a tool that can help you achieve the goal by taking a step-by-step. In every step, you need to assign a deadline or a time frame for your employees to finish the project. You can express the time in months, weeks, days, and even hours. It will make the project you have more time-oriented and more realistic.

When you input all the data into your chart, you can also make better visualization to look at. It will provide you a space to discuss the tasks easier and more efficient. It will provide you complete control over how your project will be.

  • The “what-ifs” that might show up can be managed

We have talked about how the chart which enables you to make the milestone of your project. As you are making those milestones, you can also take a look at potential outcomes and obstacles. You can analyze everything that might happen in the course of your project. After that, you can prepare your team and yourself for the problems to avoid and project delays.

  • The easiness of the project

With a PERT chart template, it serves as an essential reference. Every time you need it, any member of your team can refer to anything that becomes the big concern in the project. It will make you analyze every element in the project easier. It is also an excellent tool to use especially when you concern about the resource and budget allocation.

  • The perfect solution for big projects

The template of a PERT chart can also be used when you have an upcoming big project. In reality, once you use the template, everything can be planned easier. You can use it to prepare any answers for related questions about the activities and tasks. You can also build a strong relationship between the task dependencies and tasks.

The Right Time to Use PERT Chart Templates

The charts of PERT can help you manage your time and shape your projects more effectively. By using this type of charts, you can visualize the whole project and every schedule. Here are some great examples when to use diagram template of PERT:

  • Use it when you need to decide the risk when there is a deadline. Usually, your client already set a certain date for you to finish every project. When you use the chart, you can also know how possible the date is. You will have time to count the probability of your team to finish the project before the deadline.
  • Use it when you need to know where you can be more efficient. Use the chart as your reference if you want to save more time. After that, you can analyze which task to select. Select the tasks that have great candidates for making the delivery faster. Find the task with a larger range between the optimistic and pessimistic time estimates. Those are usually the most efficient.

We hope that our collection of PERT charts can help you arrange and manage the project easier and effectively. Good luck!



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