17 Free Petition Templates

There are a variety of petition templates you can download. You just need to choose a petition template which suitable with your case and use it to gain signers and attention from the relevant authority to solve the case.

Petitions are crucial in democratic societies, allowing citizens to express their opinions and demand action from their leaders. They can address many issues, from local concerns like road safety improvements to global issues like climate change or human rights abuses.

The power of a petition lies in its collective nature. Each signature represents an individual who supports the cause, making it a tangible demonstration of public sentiment. When a petition garners significant signatures, it can exert considerable pressure on decision-makers to take action.

Online petitions have become increasingly popular in the digital age, allowing for rapid, widespread dissemination and participation. However, traditional paper petitions continue to be used, particularly for local or specific issues.

Steps to Create a Legal Petition

Dealing with a specific social problem is hard to solve and it needs attention from the public. One way to get attention from the public is by writing a petition. Nowadays, you can find free download petition templates. While downloading the petition template, let’s learn the step to make a legal petition to get support from the people.

Find Out the Way to Create a Petition

There are several things you need to know if you want to create a petition. For example, you must contact the relevant authority such as the local government jurisdiction. The function of visiting the relevant authority is to ask the petition guidelines that you need.

This is also including learning about the total of signatures required which trigger the government to take action to finish the case. You also learn about the way people sign to make the petition valid. This is also the step where you learn how to write a petition in the right manner and you can check the example by downloading petition templates.

Prepare the Petition

After getting sufficient information from the relevant authority, you can start writing a petition. Just make sure that the petition is written in a precise, concise, and informative statement so people can understand why they must sign it. It is better to write the petition as brief as it can and try not to write a too long statement.

Don’t forget to include a summary of the petition to make people understand the case and why you write a petition. You don’t need to get confused anymore because you can find a free download petition letter template. The template can be used as a guideline as well as a legal petition form.

Create a Petition Form for the Signers

You must include a specific form for the signers. It has to be separated with the petition sheet. This is the place where people who care about the case give their signature to support the goals of the petition. Besides preparing a column for the signature, you also need to make columns for the name of the signers, address, registration number, ID number, and any kind of personal information which make the petition legal.

Promote the Petition

When the petition form is ready, you can start to promote it so people know about the case and the simple thing they can do to solve the case. You may promote the petition peer to peer so you can explain everything completely. You can also promote it through social media account, blog, website, or email to everyone participate in the petition. By using a legal petition template, you can make the process efficient.

Types of Petition Templates

Petition templates come in various forms, each designed to address a specific need or situation. Here are some of the most common types:

Court Petition Templates

Court Petition Template

These templates are used when you need to file a petition in court. They are designed to meet the specific formatting requirements of the court system and typically include sections for the petitioner’s information, the respondent’s information, the nature of the petition, and the relief sought. These templates can be used for various legal matters, including civil lawsuits, appeals, and injunction requests.

Divorce Petition Templates

Divorce Petition Template

These templates are used when a spouse wants to initiate a divorce proceeding. They typically include sections for the petitioner’s information, the respondent’s information, the grounds for divorce, information about children (if any), and the division of property and debts. These templates are designed to help you provide all the necessary information for a divorce proceeding in a clear and organized manner.

Petition For Injunction For Protection Against Stalking

Download Petition Template

This is a legal document filed by an individual seeking court protection from someone stalking them. It outlines the nature of the stalking and requests the court to issue an injunction.

Petition Letter to City Council

This document addresses a city council requesting them to consider a specific issue or cause. It usually includes signatures from residents to demonstrate community support.

General Petition Templates

These versatile templates can create a petition for any cause or issue. They typically include sections for the petitioner’s information, the nature of the petition, and the relief sought.

Free Petition Templates Printable


Petition Template for School

This is a template designed for creating a petition within a school context, such as a petition for a change in school policy or a request for a specific action from school administrators.

Each type of petition template serves a different purpose, but all are designed to help you present your case organized and persuasively. Choosing the right template for your needs ensures your petition is as effective as possible.

Free Petition Templates

These are free-to-use templates for creating a petition. They can be downloaded and customized to suit the specific needs of the petitioner.

Petition Templates Free

Petition Templates to Print

These are printable templates for creating a petition. They can be filled out by hand after printing.

Petition Templates to Print

Petition Templates Word

Petition Templates

Printable Petition Templates

These templates can be printed and filled out by hand. They are ideal for petitions that require physical signatures.

Printable Petition Templates

Sample Petition Form

This sample form shows what a typical petition might look like. It can serve as a guide when creating your petition.

Sample Petition Form

Sample Petition Templates

These templates provide an idea of how to structure and format a petition.

Sample Petition Templates

Pre-formatted Petition Templates

These are pre-formatted documents that provide a structured format for creating a petition.

Simple Petition Template


Blank Petition Templates

These are templates with blank fields that can be filled out to create a petition. They provide a flexible format that can be customized to suit any petition.

Blank Petition Templates





Legal Petition Template

This is a template designed for creating a legal petition, such as a petition for a court order or a legal injunction.

Legal Petition Template

Neighborhood Petition Template

These templates are used when residents of a neighborhood or community want to bring attention to a local issue. They typically include sections for the petitioner’s information, the nature of the issue, the proposed solution, and spaces for signatures from other residents. These templates help you gather support for your cause and present a united front to local authorities.

Neighborhood Petition Template

Online Petition Templates

These are templates designed for creating an online petition. They can be filled out digitally and shared online to gather digital signatures.

Online Petition Templates

Petition Letter Template

This is a template for creating a petition in the form of a letter. It includes sections for the petitioner’s information, the nature of the petition, the relief sought, and a space for signatures.

Petition Letter Template


Petition Template PDF

This is a downloadable PDF template for petition creation. It can be filled out digitally or printed and filled out by hand.

Petition Template PDF

What are the benefits of using a petition template?

Petition templates are great for getting your message across to the right people.

Here are the benefits of using a petition template:

1) It can be used as a marketing tool.

2) It can be easily shared with other people or organizations

3) It has been proven that petitions with more signatures impact policymakers more than individual submissions.

4) The petition template can be customized for your needs, making it easy for you to make changes in the future.

5) The petition template is easy and quick to create, meaning you can start promoting it immediately after creating it.

6) The petition template is free and easy to use, meaning anyone can create one without prior experience or knowledge of Word.

What are the differences between online and offline petition templates?

The online petition template is the most common type of petition. This template can be found on a website, such as Change.org, and is used to raise awareness of an issue or a cause. The offline petition template can be found in print, as well as on paper and other media that are not digital.

Online petitions have become popular in recent years because they have many advantages over offline petitions. For instance, they allow people to share their story with others and share it with a large audience without having to make copies or distribute them physically.

Online petitions also allow people to create petitions without having any previous knowledge of how to create one, making them more accessible for everyone interested in signing it.

What is the role of a petition template designer?

The role of a petition template designer is to design a petition template that the public can use to sign and share their support. They also create petitions tailored to their client’s specific needs.

A petition template designer has experience in graphic design and a keen eye for detail. They know how to put together a well-designed layout for petitions, which can help gain more support from people who might not be familiar with creating a petition on their own.

What is the role of a petition template company?

Petition template companies are companies that provide petition templates to the public. They offer a variety of petition templates to help people start and promote a petition.

Petition template companies are also responsible for managing the petitions they create. They will collect signatures, keep track of who has signed and send out updates on their progress. Petition template companies can also be used as a marketing tool by providing them to influencers to help spread awareness about your cause.

Who Uses Petition Templates?

Petition templates provide a structured format for presenting a request or demand to a specific authority, be it a government body, a school administration, a company, or a neighborhood association. Here’s a look at who might use petition templates and why:

  1. Individual Citizens: Individual citizens may use petition templates to voice their concerns or demands to local, state, or national government bodies. For example, a citizen might use a petition template to gather signatures supporting a new traffic light at a dangerous intersection in their neighborhood.
  2. Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits often use petition templates to rally support for their causes. For example, an environmental nonprofit might use a petition to demonstrate public support for stronger climate change legislation.
  3. Student Groups: Student groups in schools or universities may use petition templates to request changes in school policies or to show support for specific initiatives, such as introducing a new course or improving campus facilities.
  4. Employees: Employees may use petition templates to voice their concerns or demands to their employers collectively. For example, employees might petition to request better working conditions or express their stance on a company policy.
  5. Community Groups: Community groups often use petition templates to address issues affecting their local area. For example, a neighborhood association might use a petition to oppose a proposed construction project that could disrupt the community.
  6. Activists: Activists use petition templates to gather support for their causes. Whether they’re advocating for human rights, animal welfare, or any other cause, a well-crafted petition can be a powerful tool in an activist’s arsenal.
  7. Legal Professionals: In the legal field, petition templates can be used to file formal requests with the court, such as a petition for an injunction or divorce.

In all these cases, the main reason for using a petition template is to present a clear, structured, professional request or demand. A well-crafted petition can effectively convey the issue’s importance, rally support, and prompt action from the relevant authorities.

Why petitions are so important?

A petition is a powerful tool in a democratic society that allows citizens to voice their concerns, demand action, or propose policy changes. Here’s why petitions are so important:

  1. Drawing Attention to Issues: A petition effectively draws attention to a specific issue or cause. It can help raise public awareness and generate discussion, which is often the first step toward effecting change.
  2. Influencing Policy Changes: Petitions can be used to influence policy changes at various levels of government. When many people sign a petition, it sends a strong message to policymakers that the public cares about the issue. It can put pressure on them to take action or reconsider their stance.
  3. Empowering Citizens: Petitions empower individuals by giving them a voice and a platform to effect change. They allow ordinary citizens to participate in the democratic process, voice their concerns, and rally support for causes they care about.
  4. Creating a Sense of Community: Petitions can help create a community around a cause. They bring people together, fostering a sense of solidarity and collective action.
  5. Documenting Support: A petition provides a tangible record of support for an issue. It can be useful in demonstrating public sentiment to decision-makers, the media, and other stakeholders.

The petition can be a powerful instrument for change. It can draw attention to overlooked issues, influence policy, empower individuals, foster community, and provide a record of public sentiment.

How to Use a Petition Template

Using a petition template can simplify creating a petition, but it’s important to use it effectively to ensure your petition is persuasive and professional. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a petition template:

  1. Choose the Right Template: The first step is to choose a template that fits your needs. As mentioned earlier, various types of petition templates are available, including court petition templates, divorce petition templates, and neighborhood petition templates. Choose the one that best suits the type of petition you must create.
  2. Understand the Template: Before you start filling out the template, take some time to understand its structure and what information you’ll need to provide. Most templates will include sections for the petitioner’s information, the respondent’s information (if applicable), the nature of the petition, and the relief sought.
  3. Fill in Your Information: Start by filling in your information in the petitioner’s section. It typically includes your name, address, and contact information.
  4. Describe the Issue: In the section for the nature of the petition, describe the issue or situation that has prompted you to create the petition. Be clear and concise, and focus on the facts. It is the heart of your petition, so make sure it’s persuasive and compelling.
  5. Specify the Relief Sought: In the section for the relief sought, specify what you want to happen due to the petition. It could be a change in policy, a legal judgment, or any other outcome that would address the issue described in the petition.
  6. Gather Signatures: If your petition is meant to demonstrate public support for your cause, you’ll need to gather signatures. Provide a space for supporters to sign their names and include their contact information.
  7. Review and Edit: Once you’ve filled out the template, review it carefully. Check for errors or omissions, and make sure the petition is clear, concise, and persuasive. If necessary, edit the petition for clarity and impact.
  8. Submit the Petition: Finally, submit the petition to the appropriate party. It could be a court, a government agency, a local council, or any other body that has the power to address the issue.

Following these steps, you can use a petition template effectively to create a professional and persuasive petition.