12 Best Business Case Template and How to Write

Have you ever experienced failure in business? Failure for the sake of failure is what makes people give up in running a business. They think that business is not the road to success for them. But have we ever learned about the pattern of failure itself? In a business case you will learn how to anticipate it. Then how to write a business case is an interesting thing that we can learn.

How to Write Business Case

Business case is like an early warning system for your business. If your business runs smoothly, it does not mean you will not meet obstacles. Then know what signs are in your business so you can prevent failure itself.

Business Case Sample


Business Case Example


Sometimes business owners are too comfortable with the current business conditions. Turnover is stable, employees can be paid on time, you can get a stable margin too. But we never know what obstacles lie ahead. External factors often become your next obstacle.

In a business case you will know some important things that you should always pay attention to in running a business. Some of the below can be considered for you in preparing in your business :

  1. Benefits
  2. Risks
  3. Business problems or opportunity
  4. Costs
  5. Likely technical solutions
  6. Timescale
  7. The impacts of operations
  8. Organisational capability to deliver the project outcomes

After you know the important things above. Then you can start seeing them one by one in your business case.

Your goal is to make your business clear after you know the things that are your concern. The goal is to keep your business stable at least in the middle of a storm. Then you can estimate the level of survival of your business. Is your business can still be saved and maintained or your business must fall before he eats away at your pocket.

Business Case Template


Once you know what a business case is and what its purpose is, it’s time for you to apply it to your business. We provide a business case template for you to be able to use to review its developments so far.

In the template we provide important points that you need to master in your business. If all this time you are just like an investor in your business, then it’s time for your business to be in your own grasp.

Of course the results will be different when you surrender your business to others with your own business. Just like when we have children, let’s say our business is our child that we have to raise ourselves. At least things like the points mentioned above you have mastered and managed well. So you only give direction to your employees to do it.

Like a system, you create the system for your own business. If the system has not been formed, then it should not be given to someone else first to be managed.

The connection with the business case is that when your business travels are shaky you can immediately overcome it by looking at these vital things. Different if you do not master your business, even when you use a business case template, you have to learn from the beginning, even though it is your own business.

This template helps you analyze your business development. If you need innovation, you also know what innovations that match the character of your business.

Business Case Template Ppt

Business Case Template Ppt

We also provide business case templates ppt for those of you who want to describe them in the form of power points. This is very useful for you when presenting to your employees.

This template is liked by people who like things to the point. They prefer to show things with just points. They prefer to show things with just points.

This business case template ppt emphasizes the visualization of the business which is running well. This will be more interesting, both for you and your audience. And usually this ppt format is easier to understand and remember.

For those of you who don’t like to talk at length in word, you should try this template ppt. Power points will make it easier for you to abbreviate important things in your business that need attention. Because sometimes people are lazy to read.

This template is suitable for those of you who are used to playing with colors and other visuals. Because ppt will not make you tired of understanding and listening to it.

Business Case Template Simple

Business Case Template Simple

For those of you who don’t like things that are difficult and complicated, you can try using our business case template simple. This template is designed more simple so you can easily understand it.

Sometimes we have been made dizzy by the problems that exist in business. Such as external and internal problems of the company. So we want to analyze it quickly and simply so that we can quickly get alternative solutions to those problems.

Another thing that makes us want a business case template simple is because of the involvement of many parties in our business. So that our time has been wasted by interrogating people and accommodating all their opinions. So we don’t have much time to make a detailed and interesting business case.

For us the problem can be clearly identified and we can immediately find a solution. Especially if we don’t only have 1 business. So it’s not enough 24 hours a day for us to make a business case for them 1 per 1.

Surely we choose the fastest and as simple as possible in making it. Because we’ve thought too much.

To anticipate if you have more than 1 business, you can create a case for business in the beginning. So in the future you only need to review your business development.

Business Case Template Word


The business case template word is more detailed than others. You can do the translation at each point that you review.

This will be better to do if you have enough time. Because everything has the potential for the advancement or setback of your business. The more time you have to analyze it, the better the results.

Word templates offer a kind of business proposal that is worth considering as a business guideline. It doesn’t have to be to analyze it further. But it doesn’t hurt if you are more detailed in analyzing it. From there it might emerge potential for your business that you can form.

Failure is undesirable, but from failure we can learn to achieve success.

Business Case Template Excel

Business Case Template Excel

In making a business case indeed we seem to prepare the business for failure. But for some people who are smart and wise, this step is anticipatory in preventing failure itself.

Because we will know what are the strengths and weaknesses of our business. So that we imagine all the bad things that could have happened and we can overcome them early on.

In the end people will judge that our business is running smoothly and have never encountered obstacles. Because they do not know that we have prepared a business case in such a way.

This business case template excel will help you to overcome the problems that occur in your business. Re-check what is influential for the sustainability of the business you live.

This template in excel makes it easy for you to divide each point into columns available in excel. So you will be easier when editing and modifying business case content.

In addition, you can also use features in Excel to make your business case more detailed and interesting.

You can save this business case template excel file in many sheets. You can also start calculating your business finance with formulas in Excel. The excel feature is indeed more complete for those of you who like to analyze.

Business Case Analysis Template

Business Case Analysis Template

Business Case Analysis Template

For those of you who like to analyze, you will be more suitable to use a business case analysis template from us. This template is specifically for you to use to analyze everything that is most important and related to your business.

Maybe you don’t imagine that you would like to make a story in making a business case. But that is the reality if you use this business case analysis template.

If you are already running a business through the hands of others, then you are not too late to get involved in your business. Because with analysis template you can analyze and review how the business is running so far.

You can find out from the beginning of this business stand by analyzing it. You will also find out that the people you assign to your business are still loyal and can be maintained or not.

Of course you as an owner and investor don’t know for sure before you dive into the business yourself. You can give up other people to manage it, but don’t forget that the big decisions related to your business are in your hands.

If you don’t want your business to fail, then start analyzing it with a business case.