Incident Report (20 Free Example & Template)

How to Construct a Good Incident Report

Any incident and accident in both minor and major categories must be recorded, reported and written into an incident report to ensure that the institution, organization, or company has the latest incident or accident prevention measures and the risk of recurrence of a similar incident can be minimized. Do students, employees, or workers have to report any incidents that occur? What kind of incident must be reported? Why should an incident report be made? How do you make an incident report?

Reporting incidents in the workplace

A work incident or accident can be said as a benchmark in assessing the level of work safety performance in general. All events related to these two things need to be recorded and investigated to determine remedial actions and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. A work is used as a tool to record events and the chronology of the incidence of the workplace. The report usually includes the place, time, work, materials, causes of events, losses incurred until corrective and preventive actions must be taken.

This report has a very important role. There is no incident or accident that can be ignored. Every work accident in the minor, medium and major categories must be reported thoroughly. Incidents that are not reported will develop like cancer in the human body. Therefore, every student or worker who has an accident, both a small injury and a serious/fatal injury, must report the incident to his teacher or supervisor.

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Incident reporting procedure template

Unfortunately, reporting in many big companies often does not work properly. Not a few workers or even superiors do not report an accident due to various reasons. Basically, they want to maintain records that are clean from work accident stains. Besides, they consider it as a minor injury. This is why commitment and cooperation between workers and every people in the organization, institution, company, etc. play an important role in incident or accident reporting.

How to write an incident report letter sample

Making an report involves five important steps, including immediate response, collecting facts, determining the chronology, incident analysis, and determining corrective actions. If you are not sure about how to write an report, you can download the incident report template here.


Incident Report

Incident Report

Incident Report