20 Free RACI Chart Template Excel

What is the RACI chart? RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. The method of RACI is commonly presented in the form of Matrix Chart so that it is also known as the RACI Chart. In a company or organization, RACI chart is a tool to use to make a decision and help to manage and identify the roles and responsibilities of the workers. Sure, it is because, in the chart, there are descriptions of a clear division of tasks.

The Aspects of the RACI chart

In the beginning, it is state what RACI is and there are 4 main elements included in it. The 4 elements are basically the categories of the people who work in the tasks management. The explanation of each of those elements is as follow.

The first aspect or element is Responsible. It is regarding the person or individual who completes the task. The person is indeed responsible for the action so that the task can be completed or done well. Meanwhile, the term Accountable means the person that is accountable or playing important roles in making the decisions. The person makes sure that the people in the Responsible group have done the projects well.

Third, Consulted refers to the experienced one. Therefore, this person must able to give any consultation regarding the projects so that they can just work or be done more smoothly. The information and guidance of the projects are also provided by this person. Lastly, there is Informed aspect. This aspect is about a person who is responsible to inform all the participants regarding the decision that has been made.

Although each person or aspect has his or her own role, sometimes, the functions are still not clear enough. That’s why; RACI chart is still needed to make.

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The Steps of Creating RACI chart

Sure, it is possible to make the chart manually with the 4 indicators mentioned above. There are some steps you need to do. First, it is identifying the process and functions of the tasks to solve the problems. Second, identifying the roles and tasks to do as well as who needs to do them.

Third, the management needs to determine particular people who do the jobs or tasks. Lastly, it is identifying those people whether they must be included in the group of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, or Informed.

RACI Chart Examples

However, doing all those steps in the RACI chart is something not easy. It takes time while the teamwork must do the job. So, the best choice is by using the ready-to-use RACI templates. What are the best ones? Here they are.

The first product that provides many templates, as well as the example of RACI chart, is RACI Matrix Template. The product is recommended not only for the experts in term of RACI matter but also for them the beginner. There are some templates available with various columns and rows. Besides, the chart or matrix can be simply edited and customizes. There is the coding of colors that are provided automatically. But sure, if it is just not in line with your necessities, you can simply change them.

Interestingly, you can also simply edit the abbreviations available in the chart. There are some other variants for various methods. The examples of the abbreviations available are DRASCU, RASIC, CAIRO, RASI, and still many more.

Second, there is Sample Templates. There are not so many templates available in this provider, only 7. However, all of them are easy to access, download, and customize. The templates cover some types of analysis in the chart including the vertical and horizontal ones. Some tools are available to meet your needs and they are features the rows of projects for the leaders and team members.

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Do you think that the colors of the charts are too common and monotonous? Sure, it is possible for you to edit here and there and then customize it as you want. This way, the chart may look more attractive and readable for your team.

Third, you can go also to a website namely RACI chart. Aside from providing the templates for the chart, this site also gives you further explanations and instructions to make your chart finally work better. There are also steps alongside the tips and tricks available if you are about to make the chart manually.

What is more on the RACI chart? There are tools and options to change the abbreviations, columns, rows, and colors. The colors are able to automatically change based on the progress of your projects.

Besides, although the file is basically made from Excel, it can also be converted into some other formats including the Word and PDF. Well, do you still find it so confusing in filling in the chart? the example available may help you more.

RACI Matrix Template

RACI Matrix Template from Shmula is also another best answer for your teamwork. Since the beginning, the chart may help you to do the projects in much easier ways. The templates have various designs and analysis methods. You can also submit the tasks in your projects and get to know whether the related person has been done their tasks well based on the RACI category.

Similar to the other templates, it provides you with many color options to make the chart more interesting as well as to ease you in reading it. The colors are able to change just like the entire chart can be simply customized.

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RACI Chart Templates

The Digital Project Manager also provides a RACI chart template excel along with the tools. This site has been known as a provider for many other templates indeed. The templates are unique and fashionable with various designs and analysis methods.

Once you submit the details of the data, there are descriptions whether the data need to be revised or not based on the four RACI aspects. Sure, there are various automated colors display, font, and more. Of course, all of them are able to customize easily.

Above all, whatever the aspect you are included, you need to do your jobs well. This way, your projects can be executed well and the chart is completed more easily.

Raci chart Template Excel

Raci chart Template Excel

Raci chart Template Excel


Responsibility Assignment Matrix Template




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